The investor of this house in Middlesex County was very happy that he chose Beautiful Interiors Design Group to home stage his property. The house SOLD for top dollar. We utilized our large inventory of props, small furniture pieces and artwork. We also brought in some rental furniture and the total look increased the value of this home and made the home more appealing to the largest amount of people. This Middlesex County house was transformed from a cold vacant house to a warm, inviting, visually appealing house in 2 days! Feedback from the realtors and home buyers was that the home looked amazing and was transformed! They felt the house was very appealing and that is why it sold so quickly. Phone us today at 732-303-6383 to get your house SOLD QUICKLY and increase the value of your house.

The house staging has a contemporary/eclectic feel as the home buyers would most likely be millennials and this is the look they seek out.

Before Sun Room

BEFORE – Family Room

AFTER - Family Room #2 Home Staging

AFTER – Family Room Home Staging

This narrow vacant sun room previously looked like it could not fit much furniture. By having staging this room, we showed potential home buyers it could easily fit an entire full size seating area.


Master Bedroom Home Staging

Master Bedroom Home Staging